[Wine] Runtime 430 and Other Errors

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 2 20:11:54 CST 2008

Buckersher Yorin wrote:
> Hello Fellow Wine Users,
> I am trying to run a Windows program, but whenever it starts, a window pops up with the following error:
I'd hate to be sarcastic, but here goes.  "I have a problem with a
Windows program" is like stating "I cannot flush the toilet" to a
plumber.  He is going to ask which toilet and where it is located at.

Like this plumber, we are not nor do we desire to be mind-readers.  So
to help you, we need to know:

Which Windows Program?  There are literally thousands, if not millions
of them.  Trying to figure out which one you have problems with would
take a lifetime.  Please help us shorten it to hours.
Is the program you are running downloadable in a full or demo form?  If
you are having problems with a program that is available as a demo,
please try it first. 
Where did you get it from?  If the program is cracked, we are obligated
to limit our assistance for many reasons.  Some of the programmers are
working on native Linux versions and we do not want to stop or slow down
these efforts.
Which Linux distribution are you running?
Which version of Wine are you running?
What is the desired action of the program?

Please visit the Applications Database, BEFORE, posting to the Forums. 
It has a great deal of information on running programs under Wine and
saves you much time.

James McKezie

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