[Wine] Game very slow (neverwinter Nights 2 + Expansion)

Macros wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 3 10:41:44 CST 2008

After 1 day of work i finally got NWN2 working.

The game starts, and everything seems to work.
(even the Securom copyright protection).
But in the game I have a big problem: the FPS are around 0.5. :(
I have tried some things, but I'm am not experienced enough with wine,
to fix this issue.
(Others have 30 FPS with similar hardware)

The things I have done:
	Added the Direct3D Registry Keys (Video size and so on)

vcrun2005     MS Visual C++ 2005 libraries (mfc80,msvcp80,msvcr80)
with winetricks

	 Install directx with winetricks 

	 install allfonts with winetricks

The low frame rate appears only after (and while) loading the game.
Not in the Menu.

The console says the following:

> fixme:d3d_surface:fb_copy_to_texture_direct Doing a pixel by pixel copy from the framebuffer to a texture, expect major performance issues
> err:d3d_surface:fb_copy_to_texture_direct Texture filtering not supported in direct blit

Here are the complete Console logs:
starting up till load game selection (fast) (http://www.10a.rshost.de/temp/starting.txt)
loading till ingame (slow) (http://www.10a.rshost.de/temp/loading.txt)

And the soft and hardware in my system (http://www.10a.rshost.de/temp/SoftHardware.txt).

I would be very very glad, if I could play this amazing game under Linux.

In hope of a solution

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