[Wine] Re: Remedy 5.1

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 5 10:56:55 CST 2008

dhonnoll wrote:
> Found out more bug details and figured out a work around.  If I open the control pannel, and full screen it (whether the whole app be full screen or just full screen within the app if that makes any sence or not)  At that point, if I open a new windows ticket, whatever, it bombs out.  As long as I don't click the double box (to extend to full screen) then try to open something else up (new ticket/existing ticket) it works fine.  Ticket screen still looks like crap but I think that is my work place and something they have done to it.

If you haven't tried running it in a virtual desktop, try that. Some apps work better that way.

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