[Wine] tabula rasa patch 1.14 no models

bboygolem wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 13 10:32:54 CST 2008

Hi all, i'm a new subscriber, from italy, and i have a wine problem :

yesterdat i was playing tabula rasa fine and hapy, when the devs upped the newest patch, the 1.14

i installed it, and when i try to play again with tr i have no models at all. i see all the interface, the chat box, the option biox, the background but i cant see any 3d model..

i tried to update wine to the latest version , tied to update the nvidia drivers (177.80) to uninsatll and reinstall wine, with no luck.

i'm using Fedora 8 and wine 1.18.

due to this is my first post, i dont know how can i provide you additional infos =)

thanks for the help and long life to penguins [Wink]

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