[Wine] Re: fixme:ntdll - What I supposed to do to solve this problem?

mag00 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 15 22:40:13 CST 2008

dAnIK SeNT wrote:
> Despite seeng that message, do you encounter other problems with your 
> application? Is it working at all?
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Danila Sentiabov aka dAnIK SeNT

Partially working. This message appear when I start the license service for an engineering program.
2 days before I could not make it get up, but today I finally make it works fine (the license server). Unfortunately, the engineering software does not recognize that the license server is up :(
So, I am still working on it.

vitamin wrote:
> What's your time zone (full official name)? What's the offset from GMT/UTC and do you have daytime savings?

I am from Brasil, and the offset here is -3:00. And yes, I have daytime savings. Thanks ;)

David Gerard wrote:
> "fixme:" messages are messages to developers (or prospective
> developers) to let them know a particular function isn't fully
> implemented yet.
> Users shouldn't worry about them.
> If there's an actual application problem, they may or may not be
> relevant, but will generally be posted with the rest of the console
> output when reporting a bug or posting a forum message on the subject.
> - d.
Thanks for the info. If you are saying that I do not have to worry, so, I am not worry. ;)
This thread in particular is just to understand this message. The application problem exists but is in another thread.

For all. Sorry for my bad english and thanks again.


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