[Wine] Wine screens unreadable

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 10:57:43 CST 2008

Jerry Linux wrote:
> I have moved this hard drive from another machine that had a via
> chipset.
> It took a couple of days to find the nvidia software that Ubuntu
> required but now almost everything looks good at 1024 X 768.
> But not anything that runs in wine.
> When I turn on the machine, the user name and the password screens are
> too tall for the display and the color is totally wrong.  But as Ubuntu
> boots, the screen and colors all return to "normal"...

I don't understand that last paragraph.  By 'the machine' do you mean a
wine virtual machine or your real machine?

Anyway, if you can run winecfg well enough to read the screen, try
changing the screen resolution in the Graphics tab.  Maybe that will
reset some setting that's confusing wine.

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