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Jerry Linux wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-11-16 at 09:26 -0600, dimesio wrote:
>> I think you must mean 1.1.7. You can check by typing wine --version in the terminal.  
>> There is definitely something wrong with your setup. Rename your ~/.wine to something else, then run winecfg from the terminal. A new ~/.wine will automatically be created. If the display appears normal for the fresh wineprefix, then something you installed in the old one borked the display settings.
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>I don't know how I overlooked this suggestion last week but a review of
>my problem on Sunday morning uncovered this tip.

What is name of the program you are trying to run.  The program maybe confused as to the screen resolution.  Try running winecfg and selecting virtual desktop and inputting a screen resolution smaller than your actual screen size.  For example if your screen is 1440 x 900, then enter 1024x768.

You should not have a problem when you run this program.  If you are on a brand new .wine and this happens, you should check your X configuration to insure that it is correct.

James McKenzie

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