[Wine] Re: The single major remaining Wine complaint everyone makes...

Foulkr wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 25 00:47:48 CST 2008

my thought is that the people that are complaining that the buttons and look of programs running in wine are the same ones that allow Microsoft to keep working on their GUI and not focusing on the kernel of their operating systems (anyone remember the talking paperclip in MSoffice?) They're worried about how pretty everythign is and not how it performs. hence the reason that Vista and xp never got rid of the infamous "blue-screen" error. hell when vista calls the screen in their error-logging a blue screen error. the only reason that wine currently exists is the lack of support from main stream distros building an operating version of their programs for linux operatiing systems (may be due to an abundance of distros) but if the people using linux started to use the open source versions available to everyone i.e. openoffice vs msoffice, kpdf vs adobe, etc... it would put a demand on the mainstream distros to start to adapt to at least the bigger distros for linux and provide support for the users running in a unix enviroment. Its all supply and demand, unfortunatly this time in reverse, they have the supply and we don't demand much of a change, we offer them our money instead of trying to force the change we want.

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