[Wine] Re: The single major remaining Wine complaint everyone makes...

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 25 05:48:55 CST 2008

Ok Lets start at the top.

2d issue is part X11 one.   There is a hack around it in the registry for direct draw applications.  http://wiki.winehq.org/DirectDraw  Ie send 2d direct draw threw opengl.

Fix for X11 hopefully should turn up next X11 release providing 2d acceleration in X11.  Yes every standard desktop window under X.org at moment is 2d software rendered.  Ever wondered why normal X11 windows are slow to render same problem.

Simple fact Linux kernel only really becomes a desktop kernel with 2.6.29 if kernel mode switching goes in.  Freeipa project around the same time ie april next year should be getting close to something equal to a ADS for controlling Linux clients.

While X11 can lock up with no way to recover Linux is really not desktop ready.

Distrobutions are not the solutions to the Linux problems.  They are nothing more than windows dressing.  Install openoffice on debian you don't get sun open office instead you get novel version.   This only makes matter worse users really don't know what they are getting.  Linux Standard Base when they get around to the common installer format for all distrobutions maybe we can start getting somewhere.

2009 should be a interesting year.

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