[Wine] Re: What's the problem with my wine install?

jammanuser wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 25 13:40:51 CST 2008

[/quote]It should.  That was stated a long time ago.  Vitamin may have assumed that you were trying to install to the NTFS partition and not the EXT3 parition.[/quote] 

ok...cool!!! but i was in ubuntu when trying to install wine, so i imagine it would have installed to the ext3 partition, rather than the NTFS, but i don't know that for a fact! so i don't understand why wine wouldn't install then to my ext3 partition...

> only when i install apps, i should install them on the hidden ext3 partition, rather than the NTFS, >or my programs wont work? well...that makes sense!! why would i try to install them on the NTFS >partition anyway, since i would be in ubuntu when installing them under Wine, which would probably >put them automatically in the ext3 partition???
I make no assumptions.  Insure that programs are installed to Wine's C:\Program Files area when installing.  I've read here of people having problems with installing programs and the cause was installation to a NTFS partition.

You should be fine at this point.  Try what others and I suggested and let us know if it works.

James McKenzie[/quote]

all right! i'll try it...whenever, that is, i can boot into my ubuntu OS again!  :x  THANKS!

here's the ubuntu forum thread, where i posted my problem with booting into ubuntu:

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