[Wine] Re: Available Memory Mapping Space (PC Study Bible 5)

lostandfound wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 7 02:09:43 CDT 2008

Hi James,

I've booted into Vista and run the program without any error messages. The amount of memory used shows in the task manager as 48 MB only. I also started the program up in Wine again and it used maybe 74 MB of memory. However if I right-click the process and go to memory-maps, it shows hundreds of MB being used for various references (each reference is stored in my system as a file, and the size of the file is listed in the memory-maps window).

One possible reason is that I'm running as a Win98 system, this program won't run under Win 2000 or later (if I'm not wrong windows changed drastically to .Net or something at this point). It shows an unknown error loading some program-specific DLL. I have not yet tried running this program in windows in compatibility mode with Win95/98.

I'm still wondering why the program complains about lack of memory when my system monitor shows about 2GB of free memory though... and a totally untouched swap drive.

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