[Wine] [Corefonts] library not compiled to support large files

Njunkia wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 9 19:14:51 CDT 2008

OS: openSUSE 11.0, simply chosen because Ubuntu has a horrible name, I'm not serious by the way.
I tried to install the corefonts with winetricks. The usual  
$ sh winetricks corefonts

 gives me
Executing cabextract -q --directory=/home/Laj/.wine/drive_c/winetrickstmp /home/Laj/.winetrickscache/webdin32.exe
/home/Laj/.winetrickscache/webdin32.exe:[b] library not compiled to support large files.[/b]
Executing cp -f /home/Laj/.wine/drive_c/winetrickstmp/Webdings.TTF /home/Laj/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts

for all the corefonts, which is pretty unhandy as I need photoshop and removing photoshop prefs.psp every time and not being able to open saved work really isn't that good as a graphics artist. I don't want gimp as it reeks of Richard Stallman's beard, one drenched in the blood of Microsoft lackey ninja trying to kill him in his sleep.

After you've answer my question I'll leave you to wonder what the hell came into my head when I made that signature. C'est la vie.

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