[Wine] GIT and cdrom access

dr_costas wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 10 17:25:31 CDT 2008

i am trying to do a regression test on a game (15553 bug) but i get some strange error:

the cd has an exec called splash. when this runs you get a splash screen from where you can choose to install or do other things. This does not work at all (a windows dialog pops  saying it cannot find the background img)

If i run the actual setup.exe, the game installs but it tells me that I dont have a cdrom drive and it continues to install properly.

running the game from its installed place, it shows a windows dialog asking me to insert disc 2 (the play disc)

wine is setup properly, cdrom is on d:, notepad can open any files from the cd-rom

this is not what happens with the reps wine. The spalsh screen runs properly and the game only asks for a disc when you try to run a level (this is because you are meant to run the game without cd and play multiplayer if you want)

for some reason my game does not recognise the cd when runnign ./wine inside the wine-git folder. Ihave even added the d drive and the games folder on the paths variable

git installed properly, i followed all the instructions and made sure there where not dependencies left.

Many thanks for your input


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