[Wine] Errors when running an Install proram

Evil Jay wine at eternaldusk.com
Sat Oct 18 15:48:39 CDT 2008

You raise a good problem, and an issue that should be addressed... but
it probably won't get a great deal of immediate attention because the
developers are not concentrating on apps that do not have a Linux
equivalent (Firefox, in this case).

If you can't use Firefox for your needs (maybe you're a web developer
that needs to test under multiple client apps), I recommend checking out
IEs4Linux (http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page).


Douglas Murray wrote:
> Good Afternoon All,
> I am new in using WINE (1st try at it in fact)  and need some help in
> running an IE 7 installation program that produces the following error
> message:
> *Unable to find a volume for File Extraction.
> Please verify that you have proper permissions
> *
> When I check with Explorer, I have Drive C, H and Z.  The only thing that
> comes to mind is the /Windows/Temp directory... maybe something wrong there?
> Does anyone have a resonable explanation / solution to my problem?
> Thank you in advance,
> Doug!

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