[Wine] Re: The Witcher "standard Edition" with patch 1.4

GNU_Raziel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 21 15:06:24 CDT 2008

I found alone how to do it :

1-Make a fresh install of your ORIGINAL game The Witcher with wine.

2-Download all needed files from The Witcher Website, this mean :
"TWEE_Upgrade.exe" (a ~900mb patch file)
"TWEE_adventure_Side_Effects.exe" (optional bonus quest)
"TWEE_adventure_The_Price_of_Neutrality.exe" (optional bonus quest)

3-Find yourself witcher.v1.4.5.1282.nodvd.rar and replace the exe of the game with the one in this archive.

4-Now double click on "TWEE_Upgrade.exe" and install the update. You'll notice that it bypassed the registration message.

5-Replace the game exe with a working NO-DVD to bypass the protection requirement (remenber it curently DO NOT WORK with wine, see bug report on the game page)

6-Enjoy the Enhanced Edition of the witcher.

Let's hope Wine dev will soon find a way to make the game protection working so there wil be no need of those crap No-DVD files anymore...

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