[Wine] Re: Problems running Writeoutloud

Graeme wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 23 13:25:04 CDT 2008

Many thanks for that suggestion but it doesn't make any difference to the spellcheck error unfortunately.

I'm pretty much a Linux / Wine newbie so even getting as far as installing Wine and getting progs running has been a bit of an uphill struggle! 

Any more ideas anyone? This software is very crucial in supporting dyslexic kids in schools and I'd really like to crack it on the Asus. Would it help if I put the software on an online webspace for someone to download and have a play with? 
Don Johnston software know that I'm working on getting it running in Linux and I could clear it with them to send someone a copy for trialing. It's a small prog and consists of a talking wordprocessor with speech assisted spellchecking.

Although I'm not much of an expert on Linux I do have a hunch that I'm almost there with it and perhaps someone with a little more knowledge could crack that glitch.

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