[Wine] Adobe Director projectors

Danny Kodicek danny at sunflowerlearning.com
Mon Oct 27 06:13:13 CDT 2008

Hi there

I'm a complete newbie regarding Linux, but we've got a potential sale of our
software to a large number of Linux computers and I'm trying to find out how
feasible it is, and I'm hoping this is the place to find out!

Our software is made using Adobe Director, and we distribute it either
through a browser using Shockwave, or as a standalone executable
(Projector). I'm hoping that we might be able to run the projector using
Wine, but I don't know if it's likely to work or what problems we might
encounter. Anyone able to give me some advice? In particular:

1) Will it run at all?!
2) If it does, am I likely to experience any particular known problems? 
3) We use a number of third-party add-ons (Xtras) which talk to the
operating system in various ways including reading the registry; we also use
the SoftwareKey licencing system Dll. Any possibility these will work?
4) What about things like printing, file formats, file paths (does Wine use
the \ path delimiter?) etc?

Also, in terms of the user experience, is it going to be possible to give
them a CD-ROM that includes both Wine and the software packaged in such a
way that they can just double-click and icon and have it run, or will they
need to install it? And if the latter, once installed will they be able to
double-click something then, or will they have to use the command line?

Sorry for the open-ended questions - I really know very little about this
and need some general impressions before I dive in!


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