[Wine] Re: Big test coming up: fallout 3

tuxfusion wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 31 17:32:00 CDT 2008

dyzmani9 wrote:
>  Linux aint for gaming. And probably will never be, theres gonna always be new problems, I wish I am wrong though....

ehem .. now this hurts !  linux *IS* for gaming

Games developed FOR linux are at least as powerful as their competition :

See etqw :
or americas army native linux client:

Your statement is simply wrong because you are running a *native* windows game on a completely different operating system and you now blame the second operating system for failing to be windows , pretty funny  =)

This would be like starting the X server on Windows and blaming Windows that it can't run the linux X server ...

You as a customer should blame Bethesda for *NOT* developing a linux client and only them no one else , as soon as it will pay off for those companies to develop for linux too they will do it.

In the meantime it's either wine with thousands of running apps or dual boot for apps that are still at "garbage" state.

*lol everytime i write there is a falllout 3 commercial in our tv  , hehe*

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