[Wine] Re: Notepad appends ".txt" to file names it looks for

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 4 02:52:17 CDT 2008

Walter Dnes wrote:
> The program I'm using is 4NEC2, a freeware antenna-modelling program.
> I'm running wine-0.9.61 on Gentoo Linux on a Dell with Intel Core Duo
> cpu.
> Let's say I'm working on a design that I call "fubar".  4NEC2 will
> create files with names like "fubar.NEC" and "fubar.log".  4NEC uses
> Notepad to open the files for viewing.  For some reason, my system
> always seems to try opening them as "fubar.NE.txt" and "fubar.lo.txt".
> The last character of the extension is deleted, and ".txt" is appended.
> When it tries to open files with these weird names, the result is a
> "File not found" error.  Is there any way I can set Notepad not to be so
> "helpful"?  As a second option, 4NEC2 allows to specify another text
> editor.  Is there an "Edit" equivalant for Wine, or can Wine launch
> linux programs like vim or nano?
> -- 
> Walter Dnes <waltdnes at waltdnes.org>

Can you give a step by step guide of how to reproduce this?  I've downloaded the program but I'm unsure of how to reproduce your problem.

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