[Wine] Nice review of Wine on frankw.livejournal.com

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Apr 9 21:43:25 CDT 2009

Some fellow in South Africa is blogging his move to Linux:
An excerpt:
"There is a huge database of applications available that lists every
application that has been tested with Wine, and it tells you how well
(or badly) it runs. I'm amazed how many Windows applications will work
with Wine flawlessly. I remembered Wine from its early days when it
could run only the most basic of applications and even those would not
work very well... but how wrong I was to still think of Wine in these
terms. In fact, I think Wine is underrated and deserves more
mainstream exposure. I have been working with Linux for about a decade
and a half now, and the evolving capabilities of Wine have managed to
escape my attention completely."

He's a bit allergic to the appdb, and hasn't found our tips on how to
use photoshop,
but is otherwise a fairly happy camper.  His must-have apps were:
Forté Agent, Total Commander, Adobe Photoshop, Swish Max and other
graphic design suites, and Adobe Audition.
Four out of five isn't bad.  (Though it's kind of surprising to see
someone using Total Commander via Wine...)

In an earlier piece, he also said
"you are stark raving mad if you fork out money for an overpriced copy
of Microsoft Office ever again" :-)
- Dan

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