[Wine] Mac Darwine "Open With" file suffix association

sgilbert92 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 18 06:37:24 CDT 2009


Core question: How do I tell files with a given suffix to open an .exe app on the Mac so they'll run it via Darwine?

I just successfully installed Darwine and then made a desktop alias to the Avaya Voice Mail Player by showing all hidden files in the Finder, using Make Alias, and copying that alias to the desktop. 

This Avaya windows app plays .lvp audio voicemail files. How can I associate the .lvp files with the Avaya app so that when I double-click the file (ideally in my email as an attachment), it launches the Avaya app via Darwine. 

Normally I'd do this via the Get Info dialog for the .lvp file and set Open With to the application, but because the app is hidden in .wine/..., the Open With dialog can't see the app, even with AppleShowAllFiles set to True.  

I tried moving Darwine to a non-hidden folder, but that didn't work (Darwine's WineHelper put it back in .wine), and even then, having the .exe sitting unhidden didn't allow the Open With dialog to select it b/c it's not a .app.  

Suggestions?  Thrilled with Darwine so I don't have to open Windows in Parallels just to hear voice mail. 


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