[Wine] error in FAQ

frank y199mp1505 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 16:58:29 CDT 2009

 > Used to work.

It does not work under Wine 1.0.1. Wine's
FAQ 7.3 is in error.

 > Wine itself can start apps with the full UNIX path.

Wine can start Windows applications. Can it
start Linux applications?

 > Dunno about other programs you are talking about.



and install them in a Linux partition. Run
them under Wine 1.0.1 and try to configure
them to use a Linux native editor. You will
fail. If by divine intervention you succeed,
I'll be very happy that you proved me wrong.

Don't feel restricted to the examples above.
Take *any* Windows application that has
a configuration feature and try to run
a Linux application from there.

Wine cannot run native Linux applications.
Period. About time the FAQ is revised.

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