[Wine] Re: Squeezing every last drop of performance out of DirectX

gamblor01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 28 16:35:55 CDT 2009

Cool thanks for the tip.  Do you know if this works on Intrepid?  I see plenty of information saying that it was tested with Hardy but nothing about Intrepid...

Also, how does this work?  Just copy the script into a file called x.game, make it executable and then run x.game --install?  After that it looks like I press ctrl+alt+F12 or something?

Sounds like an interesting idea.  If it works with 8.10 I might have to give it a shot.  I just hate mucking around with this too much as this partition is my main one (I also have Fedora 11 alpha, and Slacware 12.1 running, but Ubuntu is where I spend most of my time).  I'm just a little concerned that it will screw something up and I'll have to invest the time to fix it.  :?

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