[Wine] Midtown Madness 2 issues

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Thu Dec 10 08:25:21 CST 2009

creation wrote:
> But the same beta driver under the older wine 1.1.27 acts normal ... how is that possible ? i really don`t understand how is this possible... don`t new versions improve the quality of the software that use it ?
Then it's time to do a regression test.

You see, sometimes, a newer version is actually WORSE than an older
version. When that happens, it's called a "regression". To find out
exactly what changed that caused the regression, you do a "regression
test". There are detailed instructions somewhere on the Wine wiki (I
forget where).

When you've found out which change caused the regression, file a bug
report and mention that it's a regression. Include the relevant
information about the change that caused it.

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