[Wine] Re: Can I use EXPORT in a def file to export Dll's functions?

OuahabiX wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 8 12:07:01 CST 2009

In short - Wine uses gcc to create it's dlls. And gcc has no concepts of .def file. So it's compiler dependent.

Ok, I can live with it, it's not that big deal, just pain in the head.

> That's what native (windows) does. You should ask MS why they export the same function from several dlls.

I would say they're insane but I'm discovering now they have done a great work although they're greedy and selfish but they still have brains that really work!

Another bad fact that I have to deal with it and accept it as it is, thanks Bill to make things harder to be understood.

I'm messing with the ADVAPI32.DLL and I think I make some improvements.

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