[Wine] Can I use EXPORT in a def file to export Dll's functions?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 18:41:28 CST 2009

OuahabiX wrote:
>> That's what native (windows) does. You should ask MS why they export the same function from several dlls.
> I would say they're insane but I'm discovering now they have done a great work although they're greedy and selfish but they still have brains that really work!
No, this is called paying to code by the line.  The more lines of code,
the greater your paycheck.  This has been a problem with several
software manufacturers, most are not around anymore.

> Another bad fact that I have to deal with it and accept it as it is, thanks Bill to make things harder to be understood.
> I'm messing with the ADVAPI32.DLL and I think I make some improvements.
Please keep in mind that you cannot submit code if you looked at the
Windows source or have reverse engineered any part of the Windows code
that you are working on.  However, you may post a high level 'this is
how it works' document so that others can build compliance tests and
code to those tests.  This is for legal reasons to keep Wine out of the

James McKenzie

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