[Wine] BattleFront II -- UnderWine NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 15 23:07:01 CST 2009

JavaGeek1212 wrote:
> Ok sorry i guess i dont NEED it to work but im trying to figure it out for a friend and myelf 
> I really would like to leave windows completely i just need help ok?????
Go back through this topic and read what vitamin requested you to
provide.  Find that information, post it here and then be patient. 
Sometimes it takes time to research a problem, and sometimes it takes
one or two other Wine users to look at the problem, figure it out and
reply.  I know this is hard, but please remember most of the support is
by volunteers who give their valuable time to assist others resolve
problems they encountered.  Of course, a little research on your part
helps as well.  Did you look at the Wine Applications Database for this
program and any bug reports, previous attempts to run this program and
possible work-arounds?  They may already exist or it may not be possible
to run your particular program at this time, sad to say.

James McKenzie

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