[Wine] Re: Darwine stopped working

slrman wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 19 12:12:31 CST 2009

> Yes, sadly Apple did something that is breaking Darwine.  You will have
> to add an Environment parameter to make it work.  See my other postings
> on the gdi32.dll error.  I am working on building a copy of Darwine that
> will automatically detect where certain libraries are installed and
> adjust the parameter while running.
> James McKenzie

How is this project going?  Nothing else I have done seems to make any difference at all.  So I am placing my hopes on someone coming up with a solution that will not involve dual-boot or an emulator program.  I had hoped that crossover would work, but sadly, no joy there, either.

Other than this one thing, the iMac is working perfectly and the upgrade to 4 GB of RAM was the easiest memory upgrade I have ever done.  

Thanks for all the fast replies from every one.

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