[Wine] No sound in Wine under OSS after update.

infyrno917 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 19 14:38:37 CST 2009

Hey guys,
Under Wine v1.1.14, my audio worked perfectly in World of Warcraft using the aoss wrapper. Today I updated to Wine v1.1.15 and to my surprise... No audio under OSS. ALSA works just fine except for the 2 second sound delay on everything (very annoying known issue). I've tried swapping sound cards, increasing my sound buffer size, reverting back to Wine 1.1.14, and reinstalling my sound server and alsa-oss. Nothing has made any bit of difference.

Currently, I'm running the x-fi xtreme gamer sound card and have tried swapping it out with an ADI1988B card and an Audigy 2.

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