[Wine] Re: Program Install error messages

LanceHaverkamp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 19 23:09:48 CST 2009

There is nothing even close in Linux.  It's a full GUI, point & click web page builder with zero xhtml or css knowledge required.  Unfortunately a lot of Linux developers don't realize that there are people called "users" who have no desire to write code (nor ever see a command line for that matter).

>  real .net app

As opposed to what?  I don't know enough about modern Windows programs to know what the difference is.

I looked at mono, apparently they're idiots:
Their installation web page only has instructions for installing the developer version--not a user version.
They have no supported Debian or 'buntu version, despite that fact that over half of the world's desktop Linux installations are Debian based.
The 'buntu packages (therefore probably the Debian version as well) are cut-up into 20+ little packages, so unless you are intimately familiar with all the mono components, you have no idea what is actually needed (users are screwed)

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