[Wine] Wine asio compile error

stratotak wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 26 05:25:23 CST 2009

Yesterday I tried to compile wine asio.I am running debian Squeeze and tried both the lenny and sid wine repos..but on compiling wine asio.it errors out and cant find ..now this was yesterday so i cant remember the exact name   ..but it was something like lobc32 ..something like that..maybe logbc32..but anyway..I uninstalled wine and wine-dev..and installed debian version of wine..it 1.0.1
along with libwine-dev..and it compiled fine.I want to try latest version  of wine to see if improves vst support with dssi-vst....Synths  made with Synthedit   dont seem to work right now..Appregiator function dosent work.I want to try latest version of wine but want  wine asio support.Is there a problem building wine asio against latest wine-dev??Or is this just a problem with the debian packages in wine  repos?Or do i have to compile wine myself??

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