[Wine] Re: Can't configure wine drives.

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 1 23:35:12 CST 2009

winecfg is the command not wineconfig.  I have never had any luck with wineconfig working.

Ok first question did you ever run wine as sudo.   One of the annoying causes if drive section of winecfg not being editable is that ~/.wine/dosdevices not being editable to your user normally by breaking one of our rules of never running wine as a root user this includes running it with sudo.

Working with  ~/.wine/dosdevices is fairly simple in that directory is basically a set of symbolic links.  

<letter>: links to a path
<letter>:: links to a device.

Of course don't play with c: ever.   Point that at real windows it will kill windows no questions.  Yes wine will not ask.   Don't be the next user we laugh about for being foolish enough to point wine c: to windows.    If you do it Wine replaces a stack of windows PE dll with wine virtual files leaving windows in a state the only a reinstall will bring it back.

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