[Wine] BiDi support

Ramaddan ramaddan at gawab.com
Fri Jan 2 11:39:44 CST 2009

Hi Dohan,

Try copy and pasting this instead. I noticed when if you click it adds
something else:

As for my locale, I use utf-8, but the email website I use it set to
something else.

I have no idea why they even have different Arabic version, as they seem
all the same to me when I use them,
at least the ones the one from the Middle East.

I just use the SA (Saudi Arabia) one, just because I don't really see any

I found an arabic site that mentioned a patch was needed for wine to add
character reordering for Arabic using an IBM released code,
and it seems to work, but the problem is, it was made for wine 9.x, and it
does not work for wine 1.x

I tried to look at the code, and there seems to be major differences in
some cases.

Is it possible to update this patch for 1.x?

The patch link is here:


Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com> wrote on 2 Jan 2009, 03:05 AM:
Subject: Re: wine-users Digest, Vol 41, Issue 117
>2009/1/1 Ramaddan <ramaddan at gawab.com>:
>> Hi Dohan,
>> Here is a random program to test:
>> http://www.ar1ar.com/program/download.php?id=273
>I cannot find the download link! My Arabic is terrible (I know the
>letters, but not many words). I tried looking for something that was
>phonetically similar to either "hered" or "horada" (download in
>Hebrew) or "download", but found none. Can you link to the exe
>> I use the following commands to get it working, in addition to the fonts
>> (more than just Tahoma, not sure which other one) from a Windows system
>> Arabic locale:
>> LANG=ar_SA.utf-8 wine program.exe
>> The characters come up, but not attached.
>I see that you are posting from a non-UTF-8 system (that is why I have
>the alphabet in my sig, to catch this exactly!). You might want to
>configure your system for UTF-8 before going any further. In a
>terminal, please run the locale command and post it's output. Which
>version of Arabic do you use (ie, where are you from)?
>> Thanks for the help.
>Dotan Cohen
>×گ-ב-×’-ד-×”-ו-×–-×—-×ک-×™-×ڑ-×›-ל-×‌-×‍-×ں-× -×،-×¢-×£-פ-×¥-צ-ק-ר-ש-×ھ
>ذگ-ذ‘-ذ’-ذ“-ذ”-ذ•-ذپ-ذ–-ذ—-ذک-ذ™-ذڑ-ذ›-ذœ-ذ‌-ذ‍-ذں-ذ -ذ،-ذ¢-ذ£-ذ¤-ذ¥-ذ¦-ذ§-ذ¨-ذ©-ذھ-ذ«-ذ¬-ذ­-ذ®-ذ¯

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