[Wine] help testing / changing default soundcard

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 5 14:15:13 CST 2009

Can anyone recommend a SMALL Windows program to record audio that is known to work under wine?
Thank you. I need to test beta audio drivers. 

I have recently purchased a Creative X-fi audio soundcard that fits in a pc card slot. 
Alsa drivers are available for this card in beta, and they work for me with Linux Sound Recorder and Audacity. But they do not work under wine, at least, I don't think they do. 
I have set my linux /system /preferences to see the X-fi driver (in this case, it is a CA-0110 driver). I can't get DNS10 to recognize sound, but I need to know if the problem is with wine or with DNS. 


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