[Wine] User interface blank

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 10 21:50:28 CST 2009

Walt Gee wrote:
> Thanks for asking Austin.   
> Tried to copy and paste a screen shot, but I must be doing it wrong or something.
> Anyway here goes with what is happening as best as I can describe it.
> Configure Wine UI - and Note Pad ---ALL tabs blank with exception of the following engraved tabs which are also grayed out.
> Remove application   
> Apply
> Once opened I cannot close the following:
> Configure wine UI
> e-Sword install shield wizard (No font scripts anywhere.)
> I downladed Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex about a week ago using Bit Torrent and MD check sum
> Ubunto - 8.10-desktop-o386.iso
> Because I suspected some conflicts from the original install I formatted the hd again and reloaded the OS on 1-6-09
> I downloaded Wine for Ubunto 8.10 I think.  Right now with all of my gyrations I do not recall precisely what wine ver I downlaoded.  I do believe it was supposed to be for Ubunto 8.10
It appears that the necessary fonts are missing from Ubuntu.  Thus the 
tabs appear blank and so does most everything else.  This does not 
appear to be what I originally thought at first glance. 

Might I suggest deinstalling Wine from the Synaptic interface and then 
looking for any occurances on your Ubuntu installation.  You may have a 
great deal of work to in order to remove all traces of Wine from your 
system before attempting a second installation from the Synaptic repository.

James McKenzie

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