[Wine] Re: USB and serial

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 13 17:03:50 CST 2009

Ben Okopnik wrote:
> As far as Wine goes, I've got a link in ~/.wine/dosdevices - in fact,
> I've created _all_ the com ports that the app recognizes (COM1 through
> COM9) and linked them to /dev/ttyUSB9. Unfortunately, there's no joy in
> Mudville: the app does not see the data. Even the nice little feature in
> its configurator which shows the raw input on any of the com ports is
> completely silent.

Does your program sees a serial port at all? If not, you might need to add some registry keys.

A google search will show you few locations in registry where some programs might look for available serial ports.

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