[Wine] Hanging Mouse Pointer and crashes

Coltfearless wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 16 13:14:45 CST 2009

Hi, I finally got fed up with all of vista's crap so i switched to ubuntu and I have a basic understanding of wine and so i got Diable II LOD working under wine but when it loads or swithces resolution the mouse pointer from the desktop or something appears and when its done loading i loose control over the pointer and it just hangs there.  Its stuck on the screen and even the diablo cursor is under it (I have full control over the diablo cursor) This is not a huge problem but it does get in the way and really bothersome.  Also occasionally (after about 15-20 minutes of gameplay) the screen goes all crazy and I'm forced to shut the computer down because it will not recover, this is a huge problem.
Also, Im running Diablo from completley legal isos i have created (stored on external harddrive) so I do not need the CDs is this the problem maybe... I never tried using the real cds.
I DO NOT want to use D2Loader for 2 reasons.. A.) the mpq files take too much space on my Internal Hard Drive and B.) Want to use Battle.net All the things i read about how to get LOD working says to use D2Loader... is this required for it to work right?

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