[Wine] I can't install anything in WINE. What am I doing wrong?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Jan 17 21:08:26 CST 2009

On 2009-01-17 (Saturday) 21:06:20 nonzer0 wrote:
> Here is my setup:
> Wine version 1.0.1
> Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex x64
> I have tried installing Call of Duty 4, since my friend has a copy and the
> app db says it works.  However, during the installation, direct x fails to
> install.  I downloaded direct x 9c and tried to install it, but it fails
> immediately. I have tried different programs over a period of about 9
> months, and nothing will work.  Is there a trick to getting applications
> and games to work in Wine?

	Your Wine prefix is probably damaged. First, run this:

rm -rf ~/.wine

	Then try to install some application(s). You may want to read in 
http://appdb.winehq.org about application you want to try to install. For 
first try I recommend to install something that works according to appdb. 
This way you will make sure that your Wine installation is working as you 
expect. Then you can install whatever you wish.

	Also I recommend you to install Wine 1.1.13. Your Wine version (1.0.1) is too 
old. Many bugs was fixed and improvements was made since your version.

	If you ever need to install any native dll(s), please use winetricks. This is 
especially true if you are novice.

	However, remember that any case where you need native dll is a bug in Wine 
and should be reported to htpp://bugs.winehq.org so we can fix it.

	Remember that installing native dll(s) may break your Wine prefix. For 
example, if you install dcom98 many application will fail to work correctly. 
To restore, just remove corresponding dll entries in winecfg and if nothing 
else helping - rm -rf ~/.wine.

	You may want to read in the documentation about using multiple Wine prefixes 
because installing Windows applications in different Wine prefixes is good 
practice - it gives you much more stable configuration because Windows 
application do not conflict with each other when they are installed in 
separate Wine prefixes.

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