[Wine] Re: Quicken 2008

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 18 09:52:45 CST 2009

wblairm wrote:
> I am running Quicken Premier 2008.  Much of it works.  However, I cannot use online facility because it requires program registration.  When you go register, you get a screen full of jibberish.  Maybe a missing font.  Fonts that do work aren't so clear either.  I wonder if i could attach a screen capture?  Not sure how to do it....

Is the "fonts not so clear" problem only with Quicken? Does winecfg look okay? I mention it because there is a known bug in the legacy nVidia driver that messes up fonts in Wine, so if the problem is with all your Wine apps, it could be that. 

If the problem is only with Quicken, try installing the MS core fonts.

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