[Wine] Re: Running Portable Photoshop with Wine

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 18 12:29:20 CST 2009

MobileSilence wrote:
> Is there somehow (though I doubt it) a small (say under 8 megs) install of WINE?

Not really. Wine is a big app. Just take a look at the size of... any windows version.

MobileSilence wrote:
> Can she even run Portable Photoshop CS2 from a flash drive with WINE if she can manage to install it on her laptop?

If she maps it as a drive in winecfg and installs PS onto it. I don't see why it shouldn't work.

MobileSilence wrote:
> Can WINE be run from a flash drive and would the above question be possible while running WINE from a flash drive?

Sure, Wine can be installed anywhere. The trick is to actually install Wine there - it's not a single file, so you can't copy it. If you compile Wine on another PC, just specify:

./configure --prefix=/media/my_flash_drive/wine
make install

Then run it from there using the full path:

/media/my_flash_drive/wine/wine notepad

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