[Wine] gdi32.dll error

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 23 21:12:52 CST 2009

James McKenzie wrote:
> James McKenzie wrote:
>> xuinkrbin. wrote:
>>> I used the configure and makefile included with the download.
>> I'd hate to sound stupid, but I've worked with Darwine and it modifies
>> several files before running the install as well as running the
>> configure/make and make install commands.
>> Did you do the following:
>> ./configure
> Got as far as this and then I ran into several problems.
> I did a self-update on Fink and then upgraded several Fink packages.
> I also followed the advise of another here and am running the configure
> program pointing to the /sw/include and /sw/lib directories for
> additional packages.
> Work continues on this as I attempt to resolve the last few undiscovered
> packages.
Last update on this issue:

I looked at using Fink's Wine build but it is the dreaded 1.1.12
version.  However, Fink includes an informational file on what it uses
to build Wine.  In the file was a sentence about setting the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to pick up Fink's library files,
which by default are in /sw/lib.  So, I opened another terminal session,
set the variable, switched directories to where my fresh build was and
ran the program.  No ERRORS!  Then I decided to switch to Mike
Kronenberg's 1.1.9 build and run the same test, NO ERRORS!  Lastly, I
switched to Zach Drayer's 1.1.11 build, which he graciously gave me
access to, NO ERRORS there either. 

So the solution is to add a LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable which points to
your library files, be they from Fink or MacPorts.   It is also a good
idea to add in the files supplied by the MacIntosh operating system at
/usr/lib and /usr/X11/lib as well.  This gives you partial OpenGL (X11)

Good luck and I'm back to working on installing the program that brought
me to Wine in the first place.

James McKenzie

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