[Wine] Re: Passing arguments during OLE

neonjohn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 24 19:08:36 CST 2009

[quote="vitamin"][quote="neonjohn"]I'm trying to get Irfanview (yes I know about the alleged clone.  It isn't) to work as an "open with" program for .jpg files.[/quote]

You need to use winepath to translate *NIX paths into win paths: http://wiki.winehq.org/winepath[/quote]

Thanks for the tip.  Now here's the solution.  I had to write a shell script because apparently gnome won't execute a $() or back-tick command.

I called the script "iv" and put it in /usr/local/bin.  Put the text between the dotted lines below in a file called iv (or whatever you like).  Do a

$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/iv


foo=$(winepath -w $*)
# uncomment these two lines to print diagnostics in x windows
#xmessage $* &
#xmessage $foo &

wine "/home/jgd/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/IrfanView/i_view32.exe" $foo

To associate this with a jpeg, right click on the jpg file, any file and select "propreties"  When the window opens, select "Open With", click "add" and then select "use a custom command"  In the command line type


Close all the windows and that's it.

the process is somewhat slow on this older 2 ghz laptop, taking about 4 seconds to open but that's OK.  I would have preferred not to have to use a script but it works and that's what matters.

This script can also be used from the shell prompt to view any type of file Irfanview can open.  Example

$ iv foo.jpg
$ iv /media/camera_card/dcim/foo.jpg

The latter is a typical command to view a file on a media card from a camera.


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