[Wine] Under Ubuntu 9.04

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 18 19:31:45 CDT 2009

pierrechartier wrote:
> No windows partition whatsoever. It works under 8.10. 
> The BCArhive.exe prorem is stored in a flash drive and the path is
>    /media/BOOTER/Program\ Files/BCArchive.exe 
> The flash drive is connected to a USB port on a machine running Ubuntu 9.04
> When I open  the console and run wine from there, here is what happens. 
>             pierre at ozone:/media/BOOTER/Program Files$ wine BCArchive.exe 
>             fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_SetExtendedStyle Unknown Toolbar  Extended Style 0x00000020. Please report.
>             fixme:win:GetProcessDefaultLayout ( 0x32de74 ): No BiDi
> The flash drive properties are:
> Label:    BOOTER
> Size:     1.9Gb
> Media:   Removable Hard Disk
> UUID:    7BB4-BCD0
> File System:   vfat(FAT32)
> ____________________________________
> Mount Point:  /media/BOOTER
> File System:  vfat
>                      rw nosuid nodev uid=1000 fmask=0077
> Mount Options:  dmask=0077  codepage=cp437
>                          iocharset=iso8859-1 shortname=mixed utf8 flush
Before we go and report problems, where is Wine installed and what are
the drives settings?   Did you map the directory to a drive under Winecfg?

This may not be a supported configuration, just so that you will know
ahead of time.

James McKenzie

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