[Wine] Re: MS Word document window disappearing in 2003 & 2007 vers

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 31 07:20:03 CDT 2009

dewoller wrote:
> Hi
> Regularily, I will 'lose' a Word document window. It happens when both single and multiple documents are opened.  I will first explain the 2 document case.
> If I open 2 documents, I can see this fact by looking at the 'window' menu;  there, it will say that there are 2 documents open.  I can see one document, on screen, but when I try to activate the document that is not seen, ( for example, using the keyboard shortcut alt-W, 1), the on screen document does not change; it does not display the 'hidden' document.  When I press ctrl-w, the hidden document tries to close, either by closing, or by displaying 'you have unsaved changes', but I cannot find any way to display the 'hidden' document.
> In the case of a single open document, the Word application window just disappears.  I can see that it is still running as a process. When I kill the wine/Word process, and reload Word, Word tells me that I did not shut down cleanly.
> I am running Ubuntu 9.10, compiz window manager; but changing to metacity does not fix the problem.  This has happened with Word from both Office 2003 and 2007.
> Does anyone have an idea about how I would go about debugging this problem?  I like Word under wine so much I am getting spoiled;  I want to fix this nagging irritation.
> Cheers
> Dennis

I've never had a Word 2003/7 window just disappear--that really sounds like a compiz issue. Disable all desktop effects.

As for the two document problem, Word opens multiple documents in new windows. Word's alt-w shortcut doesn't work in windowed mode because changing focus between windows is handled by your window manager, not Wine. You need to use whatever shortcut keys your window manager uses for switching windows. If you run Word in a virtual desktop, alt-w should work.

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