[Wine] Reporting a Complaint

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 5 21:03:37 CDT 2009

alienjon wrote:
> I'm sorry my first post is along these lines, but I recently made a bug report regarding a game running in Wine and was, in rather unfriendly words, informed that I had posted in an incorrect bug report by a developer.  I subsequently started a new bug report for the problem and was replied to by that same developer from the first bug.  He replied in more, rather unfriendly, terms and essentially brushed off my replies to his queries and abruptly closed the bug.  I understand what he is trying to say to me (in terms of what I should do to provide more helpful information in a bug report) but I am particularly disheartened by the inappropriate and distasteful tone and wording with which he replied to me.  My question is, then, where and to whom could I file a complaint regarding this individual's behavior in Wine's bugzilla?
The person who responded to your bug was CORRECT in his statement.  You
have to build Wine with all dependencies fulfilled or you will have

Now, what was the problem?

Have you built Wine with all dependencies or downloaded a copy with them?

What video card and drivers are you using?

What is the error you are receiving from Direct X as it comes with Wine
(if you have to use Direct X from Microsoft to satisfy a requirement,
search, throughly BugZilla before reporting ANY bugs on DirectX as there
are many of them.)

Please keep in mind that I report bugs for MacOSX and get the same
treatment because hal does not exist for it.  However, a patched libhal
does and that is what I have to use to build Wine with.

James McKenzie

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