[Wine] Re: L4D crashes reaching in-game, d3d_shader bug maybe?

myromance123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 22 20:42:50 CDT 2009

What exactly is missing/ not meeting the requirements?

 I played Left 4 Dead using this exact card with Windows XP and there was no problem.
I was able to run the game with medium graphics.

The card supports shader model 3.0 and everything else the game requires to run smoothly.
 Is this for certain not something amiss with Wine 1.1.17?
I am using ATI Radeon Gecube x1650 ( a mid-range card ).

Steam is complaining my graphics driver is outdated (it always did), although I have upgraded it to the latest provided by Ati themselves on their site.

Thanks for the fast reply, I hope you or anyone else can answer my question or provide a solution to this.

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