[Wine] City of Heroes control problem. Keys repeat.

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Fri May 1 21:30:23 CDT 2009

ThePenciler wrote:
> I don't have anything installed that messes with the keyboard. I first ran across this problem when using my plain vanilla PS/2 keyboard. Plugging in my USB keyboard turned up the same problem. So it's not the keyboard (USB or PS/2)

I had mentioned it as a possibility because the XIM, keyboard emulators, 
and similar items are a part of the default install in many distros. It 
may not be anything you have added or anything specific to your keyboard 
but may still interfere with keyboard function through wine.

Check and see if you have SCIM enabled or installed. Remove SCIM and 
anything the OS wants to take with it, also remove any version of 
libgxim and anything tied to it, then retest. Those two are common 
enough problems that, if nothing else, eliminating them will be sure 
they are not your problem.

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