[Wine] Re: r128 + Mesa 7.5 + Wine 1.1.30 = White Screen

Thunderbird wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 5 03:07:40 CDT 2009

Drivers can easily contain bugs. Wine just uses the extensions which are available and this is different on each card. GL_EXT_paletted_texture is quite rare (mostly old cards have it), so that's why it might not work well on current Mesa. You could disable the extension in Wine by editing dlls/wined3d/directx.c. You'll notice somewhere a big array which contains this extension, just comment or remove the entry and recompile wined3d. After doing thta we should fall back to the default rendering method. But without paletted textures there won't be any advantage of using opengl on a rage128.

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