[Wine] How to find why application does not run

James E. Lang jim at lang.hm
Wed Oct 21 09:44:54 CDT 2009

--On Wednesday, October 21, 2009 07:21:40 AM -0700 James Mckenzie 
<jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net> wrote:

>> Thank you Mr. McKenzie.
>> The e-Sword version is 9.51
> I will have to get this version as I am the maintainer for the Applications
> Database.  Please post your testing results there so that I can update the
> entry.  I have been working on a particular function within one of the dlls
> that is required by e-Sword to display text.  Unfortunately, my job and one
> of my hobbies, bicycle riding, forced me to stop work on this for almost a
> year.  I am quickly catching up to the most current version of Wine
> development to get this function incorporated into Wine.
>> Also, are you saying that interspersed responses are not good on this list?
>> I  personally feel that they are superior to pure bottom posting. The only
>> thing I  ever top post is introductory information that is not a direct
>> reply to  something in the message to which I'm replying.
> Interspersed is much better, however, there is a growing tendency to top post
> in the list.  Mixing bottom and top posting makes it very hard to follow a
> thread.  Please continue to post in the manner you have been.  I tend to top
> post that I have inserted responses within the message just so that folks
> will understand what is going on, if necessary.

As do I when I am not fairly certain that the technique is understood.

> Plus, I have not been able to use map graphics with most versions of e-Sword,
> could you try this as well.

I cannot even get e-Sword to start let alone use map graphics.

> James McKenzie

Off topic: I will not post to you directly, Mr. McKenzie, because as a matter 
of principle I _REFUSE_ to encourage challenge/response systems like you use to 
fight spam. I vastly prefer less intrusive methods of spam suppression.


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