[Wine] Re: Greater OS X integration

Haravikk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 25 17:11:43 CDT 2010

Hmm, is the ability to edit a post disabled? Anyway, I realised I missed one item off the list:

Custom X11 Build
Not exactly a big deal, but the main issue with WINE in OS X's X11 implementation at the moment is that X11 seems to force even full-screen applications to have a title-bar, which means you can never have a truly full-screen application. This produces various issues, such as requiring games to be played a resolution that accounts for the lost vertical space (otherwise it will extend off the bottom of the screen).
The "full-screen mode" for X11 is also fairly lame even ignoring that issue, as all it does is trades the OS X menu-bar's screen real estate for only being able to use X11 or OS X, as it seizes both screens and blanks them out. It also seems to have a weird issue if you try to drag a window such that it fills up as much of the screen as possible, in that the window will end up snapping to about half-way down the screen.

I'm really not sure what the options are when it comes to tweaking this however, it hopefully only requires a few patches to X11 (which I think is open source?), or changes in how WINE communicates with it, but it could require a lot more work. Fixing it up would certainly make for a far more seamless experience, but might be way more work than it's worth.

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